Padel Club in Thessaloniki

Come to see a new sport that will fascinate you
It is the most growing up sport in the world.

  • Padel is fun, fast, explosive, special
  • It can be played easily and you do not have to know tennis to play padel
  • Padel is played by duos, on an indoor court, half-size of tennis court
  • There are special glazings around the court. If the ball ricochets off the ground and off the glass then the game may be continued
  • The racket is quite similar to Beach Tennis
  • Learning is easy and does not take much time.

At Fairplay in Thessaloniki, Greece, we offer an exceptional padel experience, a sport that will captivate you with its fun and adrenaline. Padel is perhaps the fastest-growing sport globally and has many advantages that make it unique.

One of the main benefits of padel is how easy it is to pick up. You don’t need prior tennis experience to enjoy the game. Additionally, the game is played on enclosed courts with special glass walls, which means that the game can continue even if the ball hits the ground and the glass.

At Fairplay , we can help you find fellow players at every skill level. Just reach out to us for more information. We also provide rackets that you can borrow to start playing without any hassle.

Our courts are state-of-the-art, featuring the best surfaces that meet European standards. Come and immerse yourself in the world of padel with us and discover how much fun this exciting sport can be!


You do not have to fill a team of four, in order to start playing. You simply have to contact us via phone to book a spot on the court, by declaring your participation individually, the time and date when you want to play. 📞 2310 805 680

Padel Academy in Thessaloniki

At the Fairplay Tennis Academy and Padel Club is located the only Padel Academy in Greece that has been certified by Dante Luchetti.

We are very proud to work exclusively with Dante in Greece and our coaches are certified and constantly educated by Dante .

Our coaches have been educated by the best professional coach in the world .

Beginners / intermediate level session 2h / week, Intensive sssion 3 x 1.5h / week, Personal Professional formation upon request.

  • Dante Luchetti
    Every 3 months high level Padel clinic exclusively at Fairplay Padel Academy
  • Konstantinos Barbopoulos
    GPPCA Master level coach , certified by Dante 2018
  • Nikos Tatsis
    GPPCA high level coach certified  by Dante 2019
  • Foteini Andreasidou
    Padel coach IPPADELCA certified by Dante 2021

Coach and professional player

President of the IPPADELCA

player and coach with over 28 years of experience

Couple No. 1 in Italy in 2003, 2004

World runners-up open consolidation 2004

Player of the Italian National Team 2004

3rd in Europe with the Italian Team 2005

4th at the Master Caja Madrid 2004

Player Murcia World Cup 2006

Team Andalucia Champion 2007

Champion of Almeria 2008

Champion International Masters Series Rome 2011

3rd at the Masters Series Rome 2012

Champion International Cortina d’ Ampezzo 2017

No. 18 in Spain 2010

Couple No. 20 at the World FIP 2010

Coaching Career:

Coach of champions of the World Andalucia and Spain

Has his own unique methodology currently spread worldwide by the IPPADELCA